A Message from the Honorable Shannon Phillips

Minister of Environment and Parks, and Minister responsible for the Climate Change Office. "How hashtag PACE for Albertans' is an important milestone for Alberta's building owner, homeowners, and communities." Read more in Canada Green Building Council - Alberta Chapter ​ hashtag SAB Alberta focus 2018 magazine, how PACE will increase economic activity and investment in energy efficient products and hashtag renewable energy. Have a great PACE project? Contact us and be part of "Ready to Launch" portfolio. hashtag # climatechange hashtag # sustainability Brian Scott Leigh Bond Nirwair Singh Bajwa hashtag # RemovingFinancialBarriers

PACE Alberta Update and September Newsletter

7 Municipalities have expressed interest in PACE so far and 13 upcoming! Is your municipality on our list? If not, take actions to  support PACE Alberta Read more at PACE Alberta September newsletter

PACE is going global

PACE is going global! PACE  #financing  is a game changer that can blow away the  #economic  barriers to  #sustainability  initiatives. Having it become part of the global toolbox of solutions is great news. And it never hurts to have  work recognized on the international stage. Good lead up to our PACE Canada ramp up initiative!  #renewableenergy #economics   #climatechange   #energyefficiency #solarenergy   #resiliency want more information or get added to our portfolio of ready projects, once the program available in 2019? support us at  or reach out to  Brian Scott  @LeighBond  Nirwair Bajwa  for more information.

PACE Alberta Engagement Event

Last week At The Alberta Council Of Technologies event,  # PACEAlberta engaged Albertans on- How PACE enabled  # CleanEnergyImprovementProgram  will revolutionize the clean energy market and remove financial barriers. Thanks to  Brian Scott , @LeighBond and our volunteers for consistent advocacy for PACE program in Alberta. If you are passionate to share our vision, or a potential project, or contractor, or investor show your support on our website: # EnergyEfficiency   # Sustainability   # Homeowners   # Contractos   # Investors # Solar   # Wind   # Geothermal

PACE Alberta August Update

PACE enabling legislation was enacted on June 11, 2018. PACE financing is now covered by Bill 10 An Act to Enable Clean Energy Improvements . According to the government website, over the coming months: the government is consulting with municipalities, lenders, real estate associations and other stakeholders to develop a guiding regulation in the summer of 2018 the regulation will be brought back for approval in the fall of 2018 the government is working with Energy Efficiency Alberta to design a PACE program, including tools to assist municipalities, in the summer of 2018 The legislation is expected to come into force in early 2019. Residential (R-PACE) and Commercial (C-PACE) will likely have different processes for applications and approvals.  The C-PACE program will probably be approved first with the R-PACE program to follow. The target for funding an initial project is still the first quarter 2019. PACE Alberta is actively working with a PACE investme

fastest-growing job in 8 U.S. states is solar installer?

one job topped the list in eight states, making it the most frequently appearing career on the list: hashtag # SolarPanelInstaller That's possible in hashtag # Alberta as well through hashtag # PACE financing. Visit the PACE Alberta website to stay up to date and support hashtag # PACEAlberta by showing interest as a potential project hashtag # Homeowners hashtag # Contractors hashtag # Municipalities hashtag # Energy -efficiency hashtag # ClimateChange Reach out to us or directly to founders of PACE-Alberta  Brian Scott   Leigh Bond  for questions and potential in Alberta