fastest-growing job in 8 U.S. states is solar installer?

one job topped the list in eight states, making it the most frequently appearing career on the list: hashtag#SolarPanelInstaller That's possible in hashtag#Alberta as well through hashtag#PACE financing. Visit the PACE Alberta website to stay up to date and support hashtag#PACEAlberta by showing interest as a potential project

Collective PACE™ offering multiple benefits to nonprofits

Greenworks Lending andCollectiveSun  have created the Collective PACE™ program which will transform energy efficiency goals and advance solar deployment by nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations.
Some highlights of Collective PACE™ offering multiple benefits to nonprofits:
Monetizes tax benefits of solar for nonprofit Funding term matches system life Cash flow positive each year of ownership System performance monitored and guaranteed Nonprofit retains ownership of RECs Can cover non-solar property improvements
Discover how Greenworks and CollectiveSun have created a partnership that will break down the financial barriers that nonprofits and charities face when considering solar photovoltaic systems Read: Product for Nonprofit Solar: Collective PACE™

How C-PACE Financing From Connecticut Green Bank Involves Major Stakeholders For Affordable Energy Upgrades?

PACE financing in Alberta is still in its developmental phase for both residential (R-PACE) and commercial (C-PACE), with a program availability announcement expected in early 2019  along with the official announcement that Energy Efficiency Alberta will be the PACE Administrator. PACE Alberta is publishing articles like the following to help Albertans better understand best practices and successful programs in the U.S. with the hope that these articles will help all Albertans prepare for and be ready to take full advantage of the PACE program when it is available in their municipality.  Visit the PACE Alberta website to stay up to date.
Background: The Connecticut Green Bank  (CGB) is the USA’s first green bank and offers many green programs, including delivering one of the most successful C-PACE programs in the country by working both as the PACE Administrator for the state and as the source of PACE financing capital. Connecticut currently only provides a C-PACE program  which is app…
Highlighting success of PACENation in United States Based on a unique public-private partnership model, #PACE financing enables building owners to make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements with no money down and repay for them over time at a competitive, fixed interest rate through an additional, voluntary line item on their property taxes. PACE’s popularity and exponential growth is attributable to the fact that it is a win-win tool which numerous stakeholders have discovered help them address their needs, whether job creation, secure impact investing, sales and of course, addressing the climate file. And it does so while meeting the needs and desires of the PACE financing recipients. PACENation PACENation is a national non-profit organization serving the interests and needs of over 400 member organizations that share a common goal of making PACE financing available to all building owners throughout the United States. The program is offered in two categories: Residential…

Welcome to PACE Alberta

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is coming to Alberta (soon). A paceAlberta website will soon be available for you to find out more about our vision of how a PACE financing program in Alberta can transform the sustainability landscape, create jobs and move Alberta towards becoming a net-zero province. Please visit the website to register your support.